Friday, May 29, 2009

Try to give a person Responsibilty

I hope I did not make a big mistake but I it seems I did. I gave YoYo half my check to pay the bills not one bill got [age and she is mad at me for it. She tried to double the money by buying some pot and selling back at twice the rate but got scammed instead. I was not for this at all but I know she smokes pot because it brings her down to a mellow state. She had this friend or mechanic from the hood that fixed her cars, he is good old boy not from the hood but fits right in because of his personality. He new a guy that would buy the stuff from her and they make a quick 200. That was just the bate, she then got that money and bought some more to double her 200 to 400 but this time the businessman as she puts it got all her money and the pot. I had nothing to do with this but yet she is mad at me because the bills did not get paid.


  1. Sorry you had a bad day. Yikes. Bad situation. I take it you don't smoke. Well, maybe next time rely on yourself, not YoYo.

  2. Hi, sorry to hear this. I am a survivor of Bipolar, diagnosed for 26 years. I was like this for more years then I'd like to remember at times. I used to believe pot made me mellow, and it did but it also triggered my mania. I'd smoke it daily sometimes 10 joints a day, I realized this only would make me eventually go up in mania and crash into depression. Not only that the money it cost, the smell on me I'd carry around and munching on food that wasn't healthy just junk food. All these factors can cause Bipolar to spin out of control, especially improper eating habits. I'm clean from smoking pot, I've been on many different medications, sometimes overprescribed by shrinks. I finally found what works for me, Effexor, even though some doctors believe anti depressants can cause Bipolar to go manic, but it depends which type of Bipolar too. I also take Serequel if I feel I get to manic or to depressive, this will stabilize me whichever way I go. The key to Bipolar though is the person with Bipolar to know what their triggers are and not to go into denial by going off medication. My husband of 18 years has lived though so much with me but he stuck by me. I only came to terms and out of denial of my disorder 5 years ago, I was finally tired of the swings both manic and depressive, even though mania can feel good sometimes but eventually everything that goes up must come down. I have a bipolar blog I wrote in but haven't for a while if you want to read it I hope everything works out and will have my husband read your blog, he may be able to help you through some rough times. Also in my blog I recommended books that are great to read by both those with Bipolar and those who live with someone Bipolar to help understand it better. Take it easy, it's so nice to see someone who tries to stick by someone with this sometime debilitating disorder.