Friday, May 29, 2009

Try to give a person Responsibilty

I hope I did not make a big mistake but I it seems I did. I gave YoYo half my check to pay the bills not one bill got [age and she is mad at me for it. She tried to double the money by buying some pot and selling back at twice the rate but got scammed instead. I was not for this at all but I know she smokes pot because it brings her down to a mellow state. She had this friend or mechanic from the hood that fixed her cars, he is good old boy not from the hood but fits right in because of his personality. He new a guy that would buy the stuff from her and they make a quick 200. That was just the bate, she then got that money and bought some more to double her 200 to 400 but this time the businessman as she puts it got all her money and the pot. I had nothing to do with this but yet she is mad at me because the bills did not get paid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buy me Ice Cream

Yo Yo called and had another bipolar moment. She has bee pretty good the last week. Got a call a few minutes ago. She said can you please get another ice cream, you finished it all up how inconsiderate. I told her last time I got Ice cream it was half was still there then she yelled and screamed that I bought the ice cream for her she did not feel like having any and no that she does its gone (she was yelling and then hug up the phone.) My daughter had a sleep over I sure one of those kids ate it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CInco De Mayo

Happy to Cinco De Mayo to everybody. I not celebrating today because I a have no money to celebrate. Good thing they have canceled most of the celebrations her in the Dallas / Fort Worth area because of the flu. No post yesterday because I had to leave work early because of our money situation. We are broke til payday and only have gas for one car. I made up an excuse to my boss so I could use some sick leave this after noon. Yo Yo was good and did not have any bipolar moments (maybe a real small one). Yes once and a while we have those days when drama does not occur.

I put myself on a cleansing diet. I was breaking out with zits and getting fat so I am fasting for 3 days and just drinking soup and my coffee is black no cream and sugar. I not completely starving but close.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Weather

Last night we had lots thunderstorms and rain in the Dallas area and it was a good day for me even so. I know Yo Yo has her good and bad days but yesterday was a day of rest. Yo Yo took a sleeping pill and was out from about 8pm to 8am. Its good for me because 12 hours without drama gives my mind some time to rest. Its was a very hard drive home from work yesterday though because the rain was so hard the streets had lots of water and there where accidents on all the highways. I passed by two of them on the way home. We had a rough Friday but Saturday night was nice and peaceful. When and bought some tacos and burritos and some soup and had a good nights rest. Sometimes bad weather can be a good thing.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just found this on twitter kind of neat I think.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

Here are my current followers. I hope to get 10,000 if I can. This blog is going to be update on the daily so I know its going to grow fast.

Feeling Bad

Sometimes I feel kind of bad after fights with Yo Yo since I know sometimes I am wrong. I know I am not always right and I have a very strong personality and I am stubborn. I know I am right most of the time because I have made the same mistakes myself when I was younger. Admitting to being wrong is very hard and with a bipolar person you do not have much time to argue or explain because on word and they already ready to fight or be happy.

Like a said sometimes I just feel mad no mater who wrong and who's right. Just want to say out of fights and stop all the drama and yelling. Also I am getting tired of happy times to when the are just ordinary things and not something to jump up and down about. I need some normalcy.

Sleep in the Car Last Night

On the way home from work yesterday I received a call from Yo Yo telling me to meet her on I-30 off of Dolphin road. I was not but 10 miles away so I did not have a problem with that, she need 5 dollars for gas and my daughter was with her. Waited at a gas station near Dolphin for about 30 minutes for her she had wanted to me at her friend Charlotte but she is a drug dealer and I refused to go and was upset our daughter was there also. Once we meet at the gas station she was in a OK good mood, I put $5 in gas bought her cigarettes and and gave her 5 dollars. Forgot to mention that I spilled about 20 cents worth of gas on my shirt and pants so I smelled like gas. My daughter was hungry and she when with me to go home. Yo Yo said I will be there in 1 hour, and we went on our way. About 5 miles later we realized we had no key to get in to the house and tried calling Yo Yo but no answer and then she called about 5 minutes later saying she had the keys. My daughter said she left a window open so we told her since she going home in on hour we would just meet her there.

We arrived at Wendy's to eat and I smelled like gas and all the customers of Wendy's where looking for the smell of oil. It was me and I was keeping my distance from them. I went to the wash room to try to kill the smell with soap but no luck. We ate quickly and headed to the house. Once we had arrived at the house we found out that no windows where open and there was no way of getting into the house. So we called Yo Yo see if she was on her way and she did not answer the phone. We went out to the back porch and watched the lake for a few minutes while my daughter road her bike.

We finally received a call from Yo Yo at about 9:30 pm and we told her we where stilled locked out and she said she was on her way. The 1 hour went by and no Yo Yo. She called back and was mad because I lied to her about the window being open (that's what my daughter thought). She was stoned and could not drive ( at least that's what she said) I refused to drive back to her to get the keys cause I new she was at her friend the drug dealer ( she sell pills and pot no hard stuff) but I not going to a house that the police are watching. Yo You said she would be on her way after the she came done from the pot. Me and my daughter when to sleep and no Mom at 12 or 2 or 4 she did not arrive til 6 am and was mad at me for not driving back to get the keys. When we got in she threw her medicine or pill at me to show me she need the pot to make her feel right. I was not mad I just wanted to get some more sleep. I do not smoke pot but I know in some states like New Mexico or California she could get a license to smoke weed and I guess it helps but me and my daughter are not going to the drug places she goes if I have any thing to do with it.